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Marijuana: Medical and Manufacturing


Marijuana Forms

CDPH  9037 (PDF) - Shared Use Facility Registration-Temporary Licensees

CDPH 9038 (PDF) - Temporary License Application: Type S

CDPH 9039 (PDF) - Annual License Application-Cannabis Manufacturing (This form is only for applicants with accessibility needs that necessitate use of a paper form. All other applicants must use the online licensing system, MCLS)

CDPH 9039 A (PDF) - Annual License Application-Cannabis Manufacturing Owner Information

CDPH 9041 (PDF) - Temporary License Application Cannabis Manufacturing
CDPH 9042 (PDF) - ?Medical Marijuana Program Application/Renewal
CDPH 9042 SP (PDF) - Medical Marijuana Program Application/Renewal (Spanish Version)
CDPH 9043 (PDF) - Denial Appeals Application
CDPH 9043 SP (PDF) - Denial Appeals Application (Spanish Version)
CDPH 9044 (PDF) - Written Documentation of Patient's Medical Records
CDPH 9044 SP (PDF) - Written Documentation of Patient's Medical Records (Spanish Version)

Note: If you have any questions about the licensing system, MCLS, please email [email protected]

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