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Contact :

[email protected]




Ryan Skaggs

Alma Mater: CSU Los Angeles

Current Job: Strategic Planning Coordinator at California Department of Public Health

What was your internship with CDPH?

During my internship, I worked on the Open Opportunities initiative with the Office of Quality Performance and Accreditation (OQPA) and the Fusion Center. I also had the chance to participate in various other projects in OQPA while attending impactful trainings and professional conferences. 


How did your internship help you get to where you are today?

My internship provided me with valuable hands on experience working in a dynamic State Public Health Department. My assignments provided me with an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of my work and develop the skills that are necessary for success in the Public Health field. My internship reinforced my desire to pursue a career in Public Health and inspired me to choose a path in State service.

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