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Katey DeSanti

Alma Mater: CSU San Jose

Current Job: Public Health Strategist at California Department of Public Health

What was your internship with CDPH?

During the Internship Program, I worked with the Fusion Center on an interdepartmental collaborative project focused around defining the role of public health in violence prevention efforts where I was able to contribute to the writing of a State-level report, learn valuable project management skills, and improve my writing and communication skills.

How did your internship help you get to where you are today?

My internship exposed me to very exciting work being done in the field of public health at the State-level. The internship prepared me for a job through the mentorship that I received, the conferences I was able to network at, and training opportunities that were offered. I felt an immense amount of support throughout the internship and it gave me a better perspective of the career path I want to pursue.

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