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Who We Are

The Fusion Center is a nimble strategic team that strengthens department capacity to address crosscutting priorities defined by public health. 


Fusion Center GoalsGraphic Arrow with Strategic Goals: Comprehensive Assessment, Integrated Planning and Collective Action

Fusion Center Projects ?


Let's Get Healthy California (LGHC)

The California state health assessment and improvement plan aims to build a safe, healthy California for all, focusing on factors that influence health with renewed emphasis on prevention, health equity and collective action.

Violence Prevention Report Cover Page with Iceberg

Emerging Issues: Violence Prevention Initiative

The Fusion Center facilitates strategic engagement across multiple CDPH programs to align mutually reinforcing efforts and build collaboration to address violence in California from a public health perspective.

Community Burden of Disease Chart Example

Community Burden of Disease

The California Community Burden of Disease and Cost Engine (CCB) is a web [data] application developed by the Fusion Center for epidemiologic insights into mortality and morbidity in California, with granular person, place and time data and visualizations; including views into the interrelationships of communities, health  disparities, and social determinants of health.  ??

Children sitting on the floor putting together a puzzle

Emerging Issues: Opioid Epidemic

The Fusion Center serves as a facilitator coordinating cross-program and partner engagement to help advance shared strategies to address the California opioid epidemic.













Fusion Center | PO Box 997377, MS 0514, Sacramento CA 95899-7377 | 916-327-0613 | [email protected]

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