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California’s local health departments, healthcare providers, first responders and hospitals are vital partners in helping our state prepare for a public health emergency. These partners are responsible for emergency preparedness and response on the local level.

The backbone of California’s public health system is a network of local health departments in each of California’s 58 counties and three that operate as city health departments in Berkeley, Long Beach and Pasadena.  

Hospitals and healthcare providers are also essential partners in California’s preparation for and response to public health emergencies including bioterrorism events. Ensuring that local health departments and hospitals have plans in place is a key responsibility of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

CDPH also partners with national organizations, including the American Red Cross and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to coordinate preparedness efforts on the national and local level.  

This section provides resources for these partners to use and to support them in helping all Californians be prepared for a possible disaster.

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