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Pandemic Flu Checklist for Childcare Agencies and Preschools in California

Pandemic Flu Checklist for Child Care Agencies and Preschools in California Pandemic flu starts when a new flu virus develops and begins to spread around the world. Right now, there is no pandemic flu. But experts believe the current virus that is now seen in birds (avian flu) could change into a virus that can be transferred from person to person. That may lead to a pandemic. There are steps that individuals, families, and communities (including child care agencies) can and should take to prepare.

Child care agencies and preschools must help protect the health and safety of staff and students. Experts believe that up to 30 percent of the population may be sick at the same time. When pandemic flu occurs, there will likely be NO VACCINE for the first six months of the pandemic, and anti-viral medication will be in very limited supply. To control the spread of illness, social distancing, such as closing child care agencies and preschools and having people stay at home, will be the primary approach to preventing the spread of the flu virus. Child care agencies and preschools may have to be closed for a few weeks to a month or more if there is an outbreak of flu in that area.

We hope that the following checklist will help child care agencies and preschool programs plan for a possible flu pandemic. Please note that a separate checklist for schools is available at the California Department of Education Website. Not everything on this list will apply to every child care agency and preschool. This list will serve as a guide to child care agencies as they develop their own plans. It is important for all child care agencies to communicate with and know the roles and policies of local agencies, such as the local health department and local office of emergency services. Both of these agencies will have important roles if there is a pandemic.

Pandemic Flu Checklist for Local Educational Agencies in California

Pandemic Flu Checklist
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