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Center for Infectious Diseases

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The Center for Infectious Diseases (CID) protects the people in California from the threat of preventable infectious diseases and assists those living with an infectious disease in securing prompt and appropriate access to healthcare, medications and associated support services. Learn more about CID.


Division of Communicable Disease Control

Aims to promptly identify, prevent and control infectious diseases that pose a threat to public health, including emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, vaccine-preventable agents, bacterial toxins, bioterrorism, and pandemics.

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Office of Binational Border Health

Aims to facilitate communication, coordination, and collaboration between California and Mexico health officials, health professionals, and communities in order to optimize border and binational health.

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Office of AIDS

Aims to minimize new HIV infections, maximize the number of people with HIV infection who access appropriate care, treatment, support, and prevention services and reduce HIV/AIDS-related health disparities.

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Office of Refugee Health

Assists newly arrived refugees in achieving self-sufficiency by becoming and staying healthy.  This is accomplished through detection, prevention, treatment and referral for follow up of communicable and chronic health conditions identified during the health assessment process.
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