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Health Screening


Purpose of the Health Screening

This health screening is more complete than the one that the refugees had overseas.  The purpose of the health screening is to find and begin to treat any health problem.  Refugees need to be healthy to be able to work.  The clinic will gather all the information needed to help refugees start medical care in the U.S.


What to Expect

Your health screening includes:

·        Medical history which includes a Review of Overseas medical records

·        Physical exam

·        Tuberculosis screening

·        Immunizations

·        Screening laboratory tests

·        Mental health, traumatic events and persecution screening (Refugees 16 years or older)


When a refugee goes for an appointment, a healthcare provider will review the medical and immunization records from the overseas exam.  Then a healthcare provider and other health care workers will conduct an intake (initial interview) followed by the physical exam.  They will ask about past health problems, and give a brief health education session.  Refugees will also be asked to give blood, urine, and stool samples to test for diseases like tuberculosis, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, anemia and parasites.  In some cases refugees might also get a tuberculin skin test and any needed immunizations.  Young children will be tested for lead in their blood. If a problem is found during the health screening, they will be told about it and a referral will be made to get further medical care at another clinic or specialist.  Refugees will be given copies of health records when the screening is done.


What They Should Bring to the Appointment

On the day of the appointment, refugees should bring the bag from the International Organization for Migration (IOM).  This bag contains a record of the overseas health exam. Refugees should also bring their passport or I-94 card and their Medi-Cal card (if they have received it).  If they are taking any medicines, be sure to bring them too.

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