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Office of Binational Border Health

Infectious Disease Epidemiology

The Office of Binational Border Health (OBBH) focuses on enhancing detection and response capabilities to infectious disease incidents and threats in the border region. The OBBH plays a critical role in fostering binational partnerships, and strengthening surveillance and communication capabilities in the border region.  The office works in collaboration with a variety of state and federal partners in the border regionFlu Graph from Weekly Influenza Like Iness Report from the US & Mexico.  More specifically, the program focuses on surveillance and monitoring of infectious disease in the border region, working with border health partners to develop and maintain routine and emergency communication protocols, facilitating cross-border exchange of information, investigation of binational infectious disease cases and outbreaks.  The office also acts as the communication liaison between CDPH and public health officials in Baja California on infectious disease matters of binational interest. ?  ?

Focus Areas


The OBBH serves as the communication liaison between the State of California and Mexican Health Officials.  The office maintains close communication with Mexican Health officials to share information related to infectious disease matters of binational interest.  It focuses on planning and convening meetings between infectious diseases epidemiologist from the US and Mexico on a frequent basis, to foster and enhance binational communication. It also plays a key role in developing and maintaining routine and emergency communication protocols, and facilitating cross-border exchange of information.

Recent Accomplishments

  • The OBBH staff collaborated with other state and federal partners from the US and Mexico in the development of the recent US-Mexico Binational Communication Protocol.  
  • The OBBH staff convened a Binational Infectious Disease Tabletop Exercise – January, 2017.

Surveillance & Investigations

The OBBH monitors and investigates key infectious diseases and outbreaks of border or binational public health significance.  It works closely with partners at the local, state and federal level in the US and Mexico to respond to infectious disease threats.

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