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Office of Binational Border Health

Binational Case Reporting 

In an effort to enhance reporting of binational infectious disease cases throughout the State of California, the OBBH incorporated a Binational Case Module into the existing California Reportable Disease Information Exchange (CalREDIE) system - a computer application implemented for web-based disease reporting and surveillance. The purpose of this effort is to improve the efficiency of surveillance activities and the early detection of public health events through the collection of more complete and timely surveillance information.  Epidemiologist at the OBBH monitors these cases on a day-to-day basis to ensure proper public health action is taken.  The OBBH staff also collaborates with key public health partners on the investigation and follow-up activities for any infectious disease outbreak that has a link to both California and Mexico.


Binational cases are monitored to prevent the spread of disease in the California-Mexico region. As established in the Guidelines for US-Mexico Coordination on Public Health Events of Mutual Interest (PDF), a confirmed or probable case of a notifiable infectious disease is considered binational if the individual:

  • Has recently traveled or lived in Mexico, or had recent contact with persons who lived or traveled in Mexico;
  • Is thought to have acquired the disease in Mexico or have been in Mexico during the incubation period of an infection and was possibly contagious during this period;
  • Is thought to have acquired the disease from a product or other exposure in Mexico; or
  • Whose case requires the collaboration of both countries for the purposes of disease investigation and control, regardless of the presumed site of infection or exposure.
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