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office of binational border health

Advisory Group

The Office of Binational Border Health (OBBH) Advisory Group is composed of 12 members, representing the California Conference of Local Health Officers, local governments, health plans, hospitals, community-based organizations, health consumers, universities, in different geographic regions of, urban, and rural communities in California.  The Advisory Group’s purpose is to support the OBBH mission by developing and monitoring a strategic plan for OBBH to address border/binational health issues.  They also advise the California Department of Public Health Services and the California members of the U.S. – Mexico Border Health Commission on critical health issues.

If interested in becoming an Advisory Group member contact Prisci Quijada, Program Manager for more information.

?Alberto Colorado
?Patient Advocate
?International Public Health Consultant
?Alvaro Garza, MD, MPH
?Public Health Officer
?California Conference of Local Health Officers
?Barbara Jimenez, MPH 
?Director of Central and South Regions 
?San Diego County Health and Human Services
?Rebecca Alcantar, MPA
Senior Health Equity Specialist
Covered California
?Judith Shaplin 
President & CEO

?Mountain Health Community Services, Inc.
?Konane Martinez, PhD
?Associate Professor of Medical Anthropology
?California State University, San Marcos
?Maria Luisa Zu?iga, PhD
?School of Social Work, San Diego State University
?Natalia Jimenez
Director of Communications and Public Affairs

?Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

?Norah Schwartz, PhD, MPA
?Colegio de la Frontera Norte
?Paula Kriner, MPH
Program Manager

?Imperial County Public Health Department
???Rosemary Johnson, MD
?Medical Community Liaison
?San Diego Medical Society Foundation
?Victor Clark-Alfaro
?Director and Founder
?Binational Center for Human Rights
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