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Office of AIDS

Overview and Programs 

The Office of AIDS (OA) is comprised of the Division Office and five branches: Surveillance, Research & Evaluation, HIV Care, HIV Prevention, AIDS Drug Assistance Program, and the OA Support Branch.


Branch and Division Responsibilities

Division Office 

The Division Office leads policy development, partnerships with statewide and national HIV/AIDS stakeholders, legislation, and the administration for OA.  The Division Office coordinates all division activities to ensure that OA's efforts to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic in California are targeted and effective. 

Office of AIDS Support Branch

The OA Support Branch is responsible for administrative functions which support OA program areas including: budgets, personnel, contracts, grants, clerical support, information technology, procurement, and business services.  The OA Support Branch includes the Grants Management Section, Personnel Section, Contracts Unit, Operations Unit.

Surveillance, Research & Evaluation Branch

The Surveillance, Research & Evaluation Branch conducts a variety of epidemiologic studies, evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of publicly funded HIV/AIDS prevention and care programs, and maintains California's HIV/AIDS Case Registry.

HIV Care Branch

The HIV Care Branch has responsibility for programs related to the delivery of care, treatment, and support services for people living with HIV/AIDS.  Programs are designed to provide an effective and comprehensive continuum of care to underserved individuals. 

HIV Prevention Branch

The HIV Prevention Branch funds initiatives to assist local health departments and other HIV service providers to implement effective HIV detection and prevention programs. 

AIDS Drug Assistance Program Branch

The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) helps ensure that people living with HIV and AIDS who are uninsured and under-insured have access to medication. OA works closely with the pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), to administer and manage ADAP for the clients served. 


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