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AIDS Drug Assistance Program Service Providers

ADAP Enrollment Sites 

ADAP enrollment sites must be approved and certified through the Office of AIDS. Certified ADAP enrollment sites are limited to community-based non-profit organizations, clinics, medical providers, and case management service providers. Please access the ADAP Enrollment Site Locator to find a local ADAP enrollment site in your area or contact an ADAP Advisor for additional assistance.

ADAP Enrollment/Eligibility Workers 

Only certified enrollment/eligibility workers (EWs) can enroll clients into ADAP. New EWs must attend a scheduled WebEx training, and recertify annually through a web-based training. If your EW certification has lapsed and you need additional time until the next training, please contact an ADAP advisor. For information regarding training schedules or general enrollment questions, contact CDPH at (844) 421-7050. 


Currently, there are over 4,000 pharmacies in the ADAP pharmacy network. If your pharmacy is interested in joining the ADAP pharmacy network, or for more information, please contact Magellan Rx at (800)424-5906. You must be a Medi-Cal pharmacy to qualify. 

To locate a local pharmacy, please visit the Magellan Rx pharmacy locator tool.

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