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Sexually transmitted diseases control branch


The mission of the STD Control Branch is to reduce the transmission and impact of sexually transmitted diseases and viral hepatitis in California. The branch supports the prevention efforts through providing statewide leadership, guidance, training, technical assistance, surge capacity and safety net support for delivering services throughout the state. We carry out this mission by collaborating with local health jurisdictions and stakeholders in the public and private sectors.


Syphilis in babies – or congenital syphilis – increased 40 percent nationwide. 25 percent of those cases come from California. Prenatal care is crucial for every pregnancy. Without early and regular prenatal care, a pregnant person may not know that their baby is at risk for congenital syphilis.

Contact Us

Phone: (510) 620-3400

CONFIDENTIAL FAX: (916) 636-6212 (For confidential morbidity reports, out of state laboratories, and partner service referrals)

General Fax (NOT CONFIDENTIAL): (510) 620-3180

 Mailing Address:

California Department of Public Health

STD Control Branch

850 Marina Bay Parkway

Building P, 2nd Floor

Richmond, CA 94804-6403


[email protected]

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