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Introducing the California WIC Card!

 The California WIC Card

The California Department of Public Health/WIC Division (CDPH/WIC) is excited to introduce the California WIC Card. The WIC Card will replace the current paper food checks and will provide an easier way to issue food benefits, as well as improve the shopping experience for WIC families and grocers.

Each family will receive one WIC Card for all of their family's food benefits. The WIC Card will provide a more convenient way for families to shop for WIC foods and provide flexibility to get just what they need at each shopping trip. In addition, families will not lose their WIC food benefits if their WIC Card is lost, stolen or damaged.

The WIC Card is not the only change happening in California WIC. A new computer system is coming that will modernize operations at WIC offices across the state.  In order to implement the new WIC Card, CDPH/WIC must replace WIC's current computer system with a new system, which will be called WIC WISE (WIC Web Information System Exchange). Because California is such a large state, both the WIC Card and WIC WISE will roll out throughout California in waves, beginning with a pilot period in Napa and Solano Counties.


Learn more about the California WIC Card rollout schedule

Keep up-to-date on the latest WIC Card information! Watch for WIC News, our monthly publications, each tailored to inform local agency staff, vendors, and community partners about exciting new developments.


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