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Women, Infants & Children (WIC)

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Research & Data

California with Infographic backgroundAt the state level, CDPH publishes research and data for a variety of WIC program components. These components include WIC program participants, WIC Local Agencies, WIC vendors and WIC program costs. Each of these four components, specific to California WIC, has their own page linked below.


Additionally, as WIC is one of the most researched federal programs there is an abundance of national level research as well as current and historical data on WIC across many areas. These areas include nutrition, breastfeeding, maternal and infant behaviors, public policy, health outcomes, food policy and participant characteristics. For national level data and research, see the Additional Resources page linked below.


?WIC Program Participant Information

?WIC Local Agency Information

?WIC Vendor Information

?WIC Program Cost Information

?Additional Resources


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