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Women, Infants & Children (WIC)

Local Agencies

In California, the WIC Program provides services through 83 Local Agencies, including county health departments, community health centers, and community based nonprofit organizations. Each month, over 1 million women, infants and children are served at more than 500 WIC sites throughout the state.

For information about the California WIC Card

WPPM and Policy Resources

The CDPH/WIC Division provides policy guidance and support to assist WIC local agencies in providing services to our WIC families.

Training Your Staff

Your staff are important to us and the families they serve across the state of California. We want to help you ensure your staff have the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to perform their role at the WIC local agencies. We provide quality resources to help you train your staff in local agency settings and regional training centers.

WIC Foods and Therapeutic Formula

WIC Foods are the foods authorized by the California WIC Program. The WIC Authorized Food List Shopping Guide (WAFL SG) is an educational document for participants and WIC-authorized vendors to use at the grocery store to know which foods to buy/sell using WIC Food Instruments (FIs)/vouchers.

Marketing and Outreach

Learn about the Breastfeeding Peer Counseling (BFPC) Program by reading the 2019 Annual BFPC Program Newsletter! The newsletter includes information about the program and quotes from BFPC participants and BFPC program staff.

Report Fraud

For more information visit the Report Fraud and Abuse.

To report an incident, use Form for Fraud Reporting.


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