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Regional Perinatal Programs of California (RPPC)

Contact :

[email protected]

(916) 650-0300

Action Dates
Date Update
3/20/19 ?Funding Alert
?3/28/19 ?Addendum #1 (PDF)
?4/8/19 Webinar: ?RFA Briefing (MP4) | (PDF)
4/9/19 Deadline to submit RFA questions
?4/9/19 ?Addendum #2 (PDF)
?4/12/19?Addendum #3 (PDF)
4/15/19 ?Q&A responses published (PDF)
4/19/19 Applications Due
?5/17/19Public ?Notice of Intent to Award (PDF)
?6/07/19?Public Notice of Final Award (PDF)

Request for Application - 2019

The purpose of this Request for Application (RFA) is to solicit competitive applications from eligible organizations to administer the Regional Perinatal Program of California (RPPC). Under the direction of CDPH/MCAH, applicants will develop and maintain a network of providers and facilities within specific geographic areas and match the needs of high-risk perinatal patients with the appropriate type and level of care. Applicant can also apply to implement supplemental activities to ensure regional coordination. Such activities include; the California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative, the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative, the California Perinatal Transport System, California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program and the maternal risk-appropriate care efforts to establish maternal levels of care.

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