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Breastfeeding Initiative

National Breastfeeding Month


Make plans now to join California's campaign to help raise awareness about lactation accommodation by using Facebook and Twitter that focus on lactation accommodation in the workplace.


?August 1 - 7: California Celebrates 2019 World Breastfeeding Week



?August 1 through 31: National Breastfeeding Month

"Support Changes Everything "
There are four sub-themes focusing on the following:
  • Week 1: Empowered Parents & Partners
  • Week 2: Investing in our Future
  • Week 3: Workplace & Work life (or school life)
  • Week 4: Black Breastfeeding Week  (August 25th-31st). The theme of Black Breastfeeding Week is "The World is Yours: Imagine. Innovate. Liberate"


California: Leading the Way Toward Breastfeeding Equity

Update on National and State breastfeeding data to highlight success, challenges and opportunities to further support California families in their infant feeding goals. Hosted by Department of Health Care Services on Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 12-1pm.

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Education Resources
Suggested Image ?Publication

NUPA_InfantFeedingGuide  JPG

?California Infant Feeding Guide (PDF)
Publisher: MCAH Division
Version: 2018 | Type: Report | Pages: 37
Keywords: Breastfeeding, Lactation Accommodation

 English (PDF) Spanish (PDF) Chinese (PDF)


?Knowing Your Breastfeeding Rights (PDF)
Publisher: MCAH Division
Version: 2018 | Type: Factsheet | Pages: 2
Keywords: Breastfeeding, Lactation Accommodation

 English (PDF) Spanish (PDF)


?Workplace Breastfeeding Support in California (PDF)
Publisher: MCAH Division
Version: 2018 | Type: Infographic | Pages: 2
Keywords: Breastfeeding, Lactation Accommodation

 English (PDF) Spanish (PDF)

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