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center for environmental health (CEH)

The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) administers programs that protect and manage food, drug, medical device, and radiation sources; regulate the generation, handling, and disposal of medical waste; oversee the disposal of low-level radioactive waste;  provide laboratory support that ensures the public's safety from unsafe drinking water, food outbreaks and recalls and will soon license manufacturers of medical cannabis. The Center comprises the Division of Food, Drug, and Cannabis Safety and the Division of Radiation Safety and Environmental Management.

Contact Us! 

Phone  916-445-0275

FAX  916-636-6644


Mailing Address

California Department of Public Health

Center for Environmental Health

PO Box 997377

MS 0511

Sacramento CA 95899-7377


Physical Address

1500 Capitol Ave, Ste. 520

Sacramento, CA 95814?

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