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Public Meetings

The May 6, 2020 meeting is cancelled. ? ?

Next Meeting   Information 

The next meeting will be scheduled for October 2020 in Northern California. Location & Date TBD


RTCC Member List (PDF)??

Radiologic Technology Certification Committee

The Radiologic Technology Certification Committee (RTCC) assists, advises, and makes recommendations for the establishment of regulations necessary to insure the proper administration and enforcement of the Radiologic Technology Act.  Administration of the RTCC is performed by the Radiologic Health Branch.

RTCC members are appointed by the CDPH Director and is composed of:

  • Six physicians and surgeons licensed to practice medicine in this state, three of whom shall be certified in radiology by the American Board of Radiology.  At least one of the radiologists shall be representative of the hospital practice of radiology.
  • Two persons with at least five years' experience in the practice of radiologic technology.  At least one of these persons shall be representative of the hospital practice of radiologic technology.  
  • One radiological physicist, qualified in the use of physics in the practice of medicine.
  • One podiatrist licensed to practice podiatry in this state.
  • One chiropractic practitioner licensed to practice chiropractic in this state.
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