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There are four main steps leading to lead-related construction certification:

1. Eligibility

There are experience and education requirements for qualification for some of the certification specialties. You can determine your eligibility for each of the types of certification by reviewing the eligibility page. If you have further questions about your eligibility, you can contact CDPH at 1-800-597-LEAD(5323) (outside California: 510-620-5694).

2. Training

Everyone who wishes to be lead certified must first take training from a CDPH-accredited training provider. The type of training you need depends on the type of certification you want.

NOTE:  In addition to training, there are experience and education requirements for qualification for some of the certification specialties. See Application for Certification below.

3. Exam

Each accredited lead-related construction course includes an end-of-course exam. In addition to that exam, there is also a separate State qualifying exam for the following specialties:

  • Supervisor (given in English or Spanish)
  • Inspector/Assessor
  • Project Monitor

Applicants for Worker or Sampling Technician certification do not need to take the exam.

The state qualifying exam is administered by CPS HR. Visit their website or call (916) 263-3624, Option 5, for scheduling and exam application. Learn more about the exam, including study guides.

4. Application for Certification

This is the final step in the certification process. For new certifications, you should send an application CDPH/CLPPB containing:

  • Application Form 
  • Proof of Experience (except Workers and Sampling Technicians)
  • Proof of Training, via the CDPH Course Completion Form
  • Education documentation (except Workers, Supervisors and Sampling Technicians)
  • Photo 
  • Fee - $87.00 for each specialty (submit AFTER CDPH has notified you that it has reviewed the application.)

NOTE: Your certification must be renewed annually. Learn more about applying for and renewing your certification, including application forms and instructions.

? ??Do you already have everything you need? Apply online for Certification or Renewal

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