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nutrition education and obesity prevention branch (NEOPB)


The purpose of the Worksite initiative is to empower workers to consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and enjoy physical activity every day. The fruit and vegetable and physical activity objectives are designed to reduce the risks of chronic diseases, especially cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

The Worksite initiative is based upon extensive research with California employers and predominantly low-wage workers. In response to the needs of California’s workforce as indicated by our Formative Research, the Worksite initiative has developed the California Fit Business Kit to help employers develop and implement a culture and environment at their workplaces that support healthy eating and physical activity among workers.

The Worksite initiative works with employers throughout California to:

  • Improve access to healthy foods and physical activity at workplaces;
  • Foster supportive work environments that encourage healthy lifestyle choices; and
  • Establish public policies that bolster health promotion efforts at worksites.

Program Letter 18-04: Updated Worksite Qualification Criteria (PDF)

Worksite Alternate Qualification Survey (PDF)

Worksite Qualification Form (PDF)

For more information regarding Worksite, please contact [email protected] or 916.449.5291.

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