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California Tobacco control branch

Media Campaign Information?

California's tobacco control media campaign, financed by a dedicated tobacco tax, was the first to feature aggressive ads that revealed the deceptive practices of the tobacco industry. This campaign was associated with between 33,000 and 173,000 smokers quitting within its first year.

Ibrahim and Glantz, Tobacco Control Journal, BMJ, Feb. 2006


The California Tobacco Control Program’s media campaign is a key component in the longest running anti-tobacco program in the nation. Launched in 1990, the bold media campaign was the first of its kind; reaching California’s diverse populations with paid advertisements in six languages—Spanish, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Korean. It continues to create thought-provoking and award-winning ads, recently launching an aggressive advertising campaign to counter e-cigarettes.

Utilizing advertising and communications expertise, the media campaign informs the public about the dangers associated with tobacco products, including e-cigarettes; alerts people about the harm of secondhand and thirdhand smoke; exposes the tobacco industry’s deceptive marketing tactics; raises awareness of how tobacco impacts the environment; and helps Californians to quit using tobacco. TV, radio, digital, outdoor, and social media are utilized where possible to reach target groups. To see the media campaign’s latest ads, visit or visit our TFCA YouTube channel.


Unsolicited Materials Policy

The California Tobacco Control Program’s media campaign does not accept unsolicited creative concepts or materials for TV, radio, print or digital advertisements from the public. The California Tobacco Control Program contracts with an advertising agency to develop  advertising and website features, and cannot consider unsolicited creative ideas or materials. This is due to possible litigation over copyright infringement and other unauthorized or uncompensated use of creative products.

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